Donation Drives

In late summer of 2021, Feet of Clay spearheaded three successful campaigns to help low-
income children get ready for the upcoming school year.

School Supplies
Asking donors to “adopt” and shop for a child resulted in many delighted little recipients. The
children were absolutely overjoyed. They wanted to put on their new backpacks immediately and
go look at themselves in the mirror. They giggled and grinned as they looked through the school
supplies. They were just so excited. One little girl even burst into tears because, “I’m just so

New Shoes
Feet of Clay combined outreach efforts with an assistance organization, and thanks to the generosity of donors, they were able to give shoes to over 500 children. The director thanked FoC afterward: “I have been having such a blast watching all the children get their new shoes for school. I never imagined how many tears I would see as parents and grandparents put new shoes on their kiddos. Seeing the looks on their faces has been priceless. Not only was I able to provide for all of the children in my organization, I was also able to go into low-income housing, schools in low-income areas, and a back-to-school event. 
A very big Thank You!”

The initial goal was to purchase school uniforms for a few children in families who lost their homes when fire damaged an apartment complex — but so many people reached out that Feet of Clay was able to also help nearly 100 children in four schools. Donors sent over $1,000, bought uniforms and dropped them off, and ordered uniforms and had them shipped to us. Each child received four full-uniform outfits and a new pair of shoes. Parents were ecstatic. One mother, who didn’t have enough money to purchase new shoes, had glued her child’s old shoes together and painted the black part. We were able to give her two new pairs of shoes for her son. Another mother just sat in the grass crying her eyes out as the items were handed to her.
She hadn’t sent her children to school because of the pure embarrassment of not being able to purchase desperately needed new clothes.