Meet The CEO


Lawanda Jordan


At the age of 19, Lawanda met her abuser and began an abusive relationship that almost ended her life three times. In her book My Truths, Lawanda recounts the years of abuse she suffered. She credits her love of her children and her faith in God for getting her through. 

Knowing firsthand the danger of domestic violence, Lawanda started Feet of Clay in 2019 to raise awareness and help women and children escaping dangerous situations.

Founder and CEO

Feet of Clay, Inc.

2019 to present

– Founded Feet of Clay (FoC), a 501c3 that increases domestic violence (DV) awareness and assists women and children escaping abuse

– Created website: wrote content and took original pictures, hired graphic designer, approved final layout

– Created a 12-step program to help those leaving abusive relationships find purpose and healing – Hire and train staff

– Coordinate volunteers who pick up and drop off donated food, clothing, and furniture

– Purchase and renovate homes for use as FoC shelters

– Partner with DV units of local police departments

– Partner with organizations that provide rental assistance and hotel/housing vouchers

– Recruit credentialed therapists to provide counseling

– Give interviews to local media to raise awareness

– Host an annual banquet featuring a play and spoken-word presentations to honor a DV survivor and boost awareness

– Authored a biographical book, My Truths, detailing experiences with DV

– Handle bookkeeping: pay staff, issue tax receipts, and keep detailed donation and purchase records

Work with State Representative to change laws:

– A resolution was passed in 2021 creating fines and punishments for landlords who do not comply with the law that DV is a valid reason to break a leas

– A resolution is currently under consideration that would expunge records for DV arrests — because many times, police arrest both victim and abuser

Manage donation drives:

– Back to School, 07/21: provided new backpacks and school supplies for twenty children

– New Shoes, 07/21: provided shoes for over 500 children

– School Uniforms, 08/21: provided four new full-uniform outfits to nearly 100 children in four schools

– Perform intake process, explain shelter rules, and get signed copies of FoC contracts

– Provide transportation

– Provide one week of grocery and toiletries

– Conduct weekly check-in and shelter inspections

– Provide support and advice to participants

– Register mothers for health insurance (Medicaid), food assistance (SNAP), and daycare assistance (CAPS)

– Register children for school

– Get replacement ID cards/personal documents

– Provide life skills guidance and career planning

Provide legal assistance:

– Testify at court as an advocate and character witness

– Talk to prosecutors, judges, and DAs to get fines and probation fees waived

– Assist with getting restraining orders

Assist with job placement:

– Partner with business owners in need of employees

– Provide new résumé

– Serve as a professional reference

– Provide dress clothes for work

– Provide career planning

Engage in extensive fundraising efforts:

– Research available federal and state funds

– Solicit donations on social media

– Call national companies (i.e., Walmart, Publix, Home Depot, hotels) and local businesses to spread DV awareness and ask about donations, QR code placement, DV victim placement vouchers, etc.

I can do all things

through Christ who strenghtens me

Phillipians 4:18