Meet The Staff

Chris Kwangwari​

Property Acquisition Manager

Maintenance Supervisor

Chris is a small business owner and building contractor. He has been with Feet of Clay since its inception. Chris donates a portion of his company’s profits to purchase properties for use as FoC shelters. He performs repairs and renovations at FoC shelters, and he works with donors who want to donate land, houses, and property to the organization.

Donni Jones

Donations Coordinator

Content Manager

A public health editor and writer from Pensacola, Florida, Donni started with FoC in Spring 2020. She coordinates drop-offs of donated clothing and food, schedules pick-ups for donated furniture, keeps the website content updated, writes social media posts and résumés, and researches state/federal funding.

Michelle McKelly

Event Coordinator & Playwright

An actress, writer, podcaster, and comedian, Michelle moved to Atlanta in 2014 after studying communications and mass media in college to pursue her dream of working in the entertainment industry. She coordinates Feet of Clay’s annual domestic violence awareness events, which always feature a play. Michelle writes the script, recruits fellow actors, and acts.

Tamara Nelson

Business Liaison

Tamara started working with Feet of Clay in 2021. She helps with event planning, and also visits with small businesses owners to inquire about donations and other support they could provide. To read about her Success Story, see Page 5.