Success Story

In 2019, Tamara, then a mother of a one-year-old and a new baby, needed to leave an abusive relationship. She reached out to Feet of Clay.

FoC helped her find resources including a shelter where Tamara and her two sons could be safe as she began putting her life back together, and an organization that would provide housing assistance once she found an apartment.

“We didn’t have anything when we moved in,” Tamara remembers. “Feet of Clay provided donated items: dishes, bedding, microwave, pots and pans. And help buying food and pampers.”

Lawanda assisted Tamara with healing mentally and emotionally from the abuse. “She has a 12-step program for the women she works with,” Tamara says, “and part of it was writing down all my thoughts and emotions about what had happened to me in a journal. It really helped me.”

To raise domestic violence awareness, Tamara is now working on a book about her experience. She plans to include excerpts from the journal.

Today, Tamara and her sons are thriving. She is a busy small business owner.

“Lawanda really pushed me to get my cooking business started,” she recalls, and in 2020, Tamara took that advice and started a catering company providing meals for individuals / families, and also food for small gatherings. “I’ve catered birthday parties, a talk show, and a small wedding.” She has also started a cleaning company.


In her spare time, Tamara enjoys working with FoC, giving back to the organization that helped her.