Please fill out the form below! A Feet of Clay representative will reply within 24 hours to provide more information on volunteering or donating food, items, money, or land/homes. Tax write-off receipts available!

Employment Opportunities Needed 

Having stable employment is a vital part of rebuilding one’s life. If you can provide jobs, please reach out to us today!


Volunteer Work/Community Service
Feet of Clay always needs people to pick up and deliver donated furniture, and to pick up and deliver donated food and clothes. Note: if you have community service obligations, working with FoC, which is a non-profit, meets those criteria.

Donations: Money
Your donations help pay utility bills, buy groceries, rent trucks to transport donated furniture, get hotel rooms when Atlanta shelters are full, purchase new properties to use as shelters, and so much more. Send a one-time gift of any amount, or click here to sign up via PayPal to send $5/month.

• Cashapp: $feetofclaydv

Donations: Food and Toiletries
Feet of Clay provides a Welcome Basket to each family that contains one week of food and toiletries, and if needed, bedding and clothing. Please ask about shipping to FoC or about contact-free drop-off locations.

Donations: Furniture and Appliances
Tax receipts available! Please fill out the form below to let us know what you have to donate. We will check to see if the item is needed at this time, and get back to you within 24 hours.


Donations: Homes, Land, Property
Tax receipts available! Feet of Clay accepts homes, land, and property in any condition.

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